Maternity exercise and - nutrition professional

Maternity exercise and - nutrition professional

Our Goals

Baby Boot Camp Founder, Jenni Dias

Baby Boot Camp was born of the need to create an effective and safe exercise consept for mothers during their pregnancy time and recovery. Jenni is a mom of four, a certified personal trainer and also a maternity exercise professional. Jennis biggest mission is to improve the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of mothers. She wish every mom could stay at home longer with their children without financial stress.

Jenni noticed already after her first child was born, how unwell mothers are guided to recover after delivery. Without a personal trainer, maternity physiotherapist and a babysitter it was almost impossible to find an effective and safe way to recover. Baby Boot Camp courses helps mothers to recover safe and to exercise safely during pregnancy. The consept gathers mothers from the same area to exercise and spend time together, network and to get peer support together with their children. The children of Baby Boot Camp coaches are also welcome.


Baby Boot Camp

You can participate on Baby Boot Camp course when your postpartum bleeding has ceased. On the course we focus on exercising pelvic floor muscles, deep abs and rehabilitate diastacis recti without forgetting the rest of the body. Mothers workout on their babys terms. The course includes 10 classes. All you need to bring along is a water bottle, gym mat, resistance rubber band and your babys necessaries.

Strong Mom

Strong Mom course is for mothers whose diastasis recti is already rehabilitated or for expecting mothers. On the course we are using body weight as well as resistance rubber band as a resistance. This course is safe for moms who already had they postpartum check-up and no longer have diastasis recti. Also expecting mothers without complications are welcome. In this course you can challenge yourself and prepare your body for getting back to normal exercise routines.

Online Training

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