To help Mothers

Baby Boot Camp connects mothers from the same area. Peer support and relationships with others on the same situation are important for mental wellbeing. Working as a Baby Boot Camp coach gives you an opportunity to earn side income. This may make home care longer for children without financial stress. At the same time the coach and her baby gets new friends and peer support, without forgetting exercise. Exercising supports mothers physical wellbeing. No worries of finding a baby sitter as babies and toddlers are welcome to join all courses.

Our goals

Financial Well-being

Earn extra income while continuing home care for your child

Are you a sports professional or a mother with long exercise backround? Do you want to help mothers to feel better mentally and physically? Become a Baby Boot Camp coach together with your baby. Coach courses with ready consept for mothers in your area. You will help mothers in your area to recover from their pregnancy effectively and safe. You will get to exercise yourself too and get new friends for you and for your baby. 

Mental Well-being

Connect with mothers in your area

On Baby Boot Camp courses both mothers and babies get to know other mothers and babies in the area. You get new friends and peer support from each others. It is fun to organize brunches, picnics or just gather to talk to each others when the days seems long but the years are short. Together we are the shoulders for each others in the daily life. The other adult, someone you can talk to and someone who listen.

Physical Well-being

Recover from your pregnancy and delivery effectively and safe together

A certified personal trainer who is specialized in maternity exercise, has developed Baby Boot Camp courses. The focus on the courses are to rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles, deep abdominals and diastasis recti after pregnancy and labour. When your body is ready there are also courses for with more challenging exercises for recovery of pregnancy and delivery still in mind. Prepare your body effectively and safe for exercise habits before pregnancy.