Baby boot camp

Baby Boot Camp brings physical, mental and financial wellbeing for mothers.

Recovery from pregnancy

Recovery from pregnancy is a grey area for most of the mothers. Healthcare gives us a very little information and guidance on how to effectively and safe recover from pregnancy. Every day, mothers wonder when it is safe to return to normal exercise routines. Very little is said about the changes in our bodies caused by pregnancy and childbirth, especially
of those unpleasant ones. With the right information and guidance, it is often possible to restore the body safely. Many mothers returns too fast to too challenging physical activity and can expose their body to permanent damage. 

Recovery from pregnancy and childbirth should be considered already during pregnancy. With the right kind of exercise and diet, we can take care of our body already during pregnancy. This also makes recovery easier, although you never know if there will be any complications in labour. 

Baby Boot Camp courses help your body to recover from pregnancy and childbirth effectively and safely. There are also safe programs for pregnant women. Pelvic floor muscles, deep abdominal muscles and possible abdominal muscular separation should be rehabilitated before moving to more challenging exercise routines. However, more advanced courses are still planned as a recovery in mind. The purpose of the courses is to prepare us to delivery or to recover from birth and return to normal exercise routines effectively and safe.